Raise Money from Cheap Credit Card Processing!

The cheapest merchant account in the industry is also a fantastic fundraising tool.

Nonprofits can easily raise money through MatchRate PLUS in the following way:

  1. A nonprofit organization signs up through CheapestMerchantAccount.net for the cheapest merchant account around—guaranteed. Thus, the organization saves money on its credit card processing fees on incoming donations plus earns 25% of its fees back. What nonprofit doesn’t want to save money?
  2. Next, the nonprofit uses the free Phone Swipe to accept credit card donations anywhere, anytime right from a smartphone. Representatives of the organization can be at an event or just hanging out with family and friends, and they can accept donations right there and then! No credit card processing terminal or laptop has to be hauled around, no need to fill out a payment form to be processed later, and no lost donation opportunity if a donor doesn’t have cash or a checkbook on hand. With the Phone Swipe, donations are to be had everywhere you go!
  3. Finally, the nonprofit encourages its board members and constituents to get their own merchant accounts or join the referral program. Many board members of nonprofits are business owners, so it would only make sense for them to switch to MatchRate PLUS, save money, and allow the nonprofit to earn 5% – 17.5% of their transaction fees. (Those commissions, after all, will go to a salesperson if not to the nonprofit—what sense does it make not to let those commissions go to the nonprofit the board member serves?)

Think of this. If your organization is a church, why not sign up the church as a referral agent and then share the MatchRate PLUS cheapest merchant account opportunity with your congregation? Every member that signs up will be able to contribute even more to the church—without a single penny extra coming out of their pocket! The church will earn $50 for each activated merchant partner plus lifetime commissions! The church will also earn additional commissions from members who become referral agents and refer merchants to the MatchRate PLUS program.

So, now you see why it makes complete and utter sense for nonprofits to become referral agents of the cheapest merchant account around. It opens many doors for additional donations—and these donations don’t even come out of any donor’s pocket. They are merely the fees that would have gone to a salesperson but instead get redirected to a nonprofit organization that will do far better things with that money!