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  • First, MatchRate PLUS will match your current merchant account rate apples-to-apples. When you switch to MatchRate PLUS, nothing about your merchant account rate will change. Additionally, MatchRate PLUS does not charge you any setup or other fees to switch to them.
  • Next, MatchRate PLUS gives you 25% of the commission generated on your merchant account back to you every single month. This is the commission that would normally go to the sales agent who sold you the merchant account. MatchRate PLUS actually makes¬†you the agent on your own merchant account, so the commission generated on your merchant account goes back to you.¬†(MatchRate PLUS, by the way, has a patent pending on this business model, so no other merchant account provider can ever offer you the same deal.)
  • MatchRate PLUS also offers you a lowest-rate guarantee. If you ever receive a cheaper merchant account quote from another provider, simply fax or email that offer in to MatchRate PLUS and they’ll lower your rate to match it that same day! MatchRate PLUS will ensure you always get the cheapest merchant account possible.
  • MatchRate PLUS will also reimburse you any cancellation fees (up to $295) and will provide you with free processing equipment! They also offer 24x7x365 customer and technical support to help you get set up and to promptly fix any merchant account issues that may ever arise.

So, make the switch to the cheapest merchant account around and start earning 25% back today!

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